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Rich Street

20170714 103152

Corporate Communications

Rich joined Wilson's School CCF in 1992, and spent 5 years in the corps, leaving as CWO. On leaving he became a Civilian Gliding Instructor at 615 Volunteer Gliding Squadron, where he served as a B1 QGI, later being commissioned in the VR(T) to fulfil the roles of Unit Flight Safety Officer and MCO.In 2016 he transferred to 2 AEF at MOD Boscombe Down where he flies the Tutor T1.

Rich was originally commissioned in the regular RAF in 2003, and undertook Navigator training for 3.5 years. A change of direction in 2006 saw him leave regular service and retrain as a commercial pilot. He now flies the Boeing 787 and is based at London Heathrow.

Interests include any activity that allows him to leave terra firma, and some 'part-time' web-design...