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George Taylor


George joined 2324 (Chigwell) Sqn in 1965, was appointed as CWO in 1969 and as AWO 1971. He was commissioned in 1976 and in 1977 was appointed as OC 2324 Sqn. He remained as OC 2324 until 1983 when he moved to HQ West Essex Wing as wing shooting officer. He left the ATC and the RAFVR(T) in 1987 because of work pressures but was re-commissioned in 1995 into his previous role as Wing shooting officer. In 1997 he was appointed OC West Essex Wing and, in 2001, amalgamated London and West Essex Wings to form the current London Wing. He remained as OC London Wing until he aged out in April 2005 but rejoined as Wing ExO on the permanent staff in December 2005. He retired in August 2009 but returned to the London Wing Civilian Committee as Hon Treasurer in October 2011 where he remains to date.

Now that he has finally discovered that he doesn't need the elusive 25th hour in each day, his leisure activities revolve around trying to evade the increasing pile of ever more expensive projects that his old house seems to generate.